Awesome day planning

Tomorrow is Eurovision – for those of you who aren’t from Europe, it’s a singing competition between European countries. Generally the music is… ok, but some of it is odd? There’s a long history of women ripping their clothes off, a few corseted slightly gothic women  (or leather clad ones) and some really neat artistic performances. There’s also a fair amount of weirdness and a bit more weirdness. (Dear God, how I hate that last song!)

This was last year’s winner – she’s called Loreen, and she was from Sweden. Strangely I love her song – which is unusual for Eurovision.

People are *supposed* to vote for the best songs or performances. In reality people mostly vote for their neighbouring countries, and usually nobody votes for the UK because our song generally sucks, and we’re not good at making political friends! As such, the commentary from our end tends to be someone making comments about the “unusual costume choices” of some of our European neighbours, talking about how wonderful the local attractions are (in properly laced sarcastic tones of course) and then talking about it’s inevitable that we won’t win, because all the ex-soviet states will vote for Russia, because they feel they have to.

As such, it’s not brilliant TV really – we rarely win, the music’s normally fairly mediocre, ranging to horrific. And we (as a family) NEVER vote. EVER. As a family tradition,we get drunk, and giggle about how rubbish some of the songs are (usually the UK ones), and marvel at the amazing costumes, stunning women and gorgeous men. It’s an excuse to spend a whole afternoon in the company of friends, blow too much money on pizza and have a gorgeous dessert. It’s a family tradition!

For tomorrow, we have Aldi cider, and some rather nice Aldi red wine (We did have two bottles, but I did a bit of celebrating earlier for completing my dissertation, and now there’s only one.) We’re getting in pizzas and cheesy garlic breads, and we’re having Aldi Belgian chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

All in all, even if we don’t win (which is fairly common because as I’ve said we keep going to war with places, messing with the European economy, threatening to leave the EU and the human rights agreement, and also OUR SONGS SUCK. Really suck. Really really SUCK

I think that’s probably enough information as to why the UK hasn’t won in a while. (The last was in 1997, and was a genuinely good song, can’t find footage of her performing it at the final with an English commentary though.) All in all, since we know we won’t win, it’s an exercise in simply enjoying ourselves, and being really impressed with some of the music/art/costume – and giggling when women take their clothes off

Tomorrow’s going to be bloody AWESOME!!!!