It’s only a flippin’ Hobbit Hole!!!

I play Skyrim a lot. Or I played Skyrim a lot, but kinda finished most of the content (except the civil war storyline, not sure why I avoided that one!). I ran out of stuff to do, so we bought Dawnguard when it was on sale. £8.. what a bargain! We also started looking at mods to add extra content to the game.

Somehow I tripped across this (found it through the steam mod community, I believe). It’s a flippin’ hobbit hole!!!!!! It actually looks quite convincing, with a garden outside and it’s sort of buried into a hill. Inside you get Sting and the One Ring, along with a note stuck to the door welcoming you to your home.

On a practical note – I’m a Skyrim hoarder. I keep all the special weapons, all the jewellery, and all the books gained during quests. It means I have a lot of bounty and inheritance notes. This makes storage a real problem, because if I accidentally put something in a box/bag/chest then I’d have to sift through 200 different items to retrieve my weapon, armour or ingredient.

This mod has several storage containers including several chests, a wardrobe, a few end tables, and even a basement with of barrels and chests too. It doesn’t have an enchanting table, and is a bit out of the way (but with fast travel, it makes near as no difference).

I think the thing I like the most is how homely it is – the main room you walk into is the dining room, there’s a tiny bedroom but most of the space is devoted (in a very hobbity manner) to food and good company.

I know, it’s not strictly Tolkien-esque to have a vampire lord living in a hobbit hole, but I don’t care! I get to go home every Skyrim-night and sleep under a hill. (And I don’t have to deal with the randomly buggy moving mannequins in the pre-made houses that remind me of weeping angels from Dr Who!)