Getting there!

More packing done, legs feel like they are going to drop off.


I do have a rather nice bruise-blister on my thumb from my crutches.


At least the tramadol is mostly working, even if I do feel like a pill popping granny.


Can’t wait to move, unpack and just finally rest. We still haven’t got a contract or signed anything. I guess we will get there… Eventually!
I have to admit I am excited about being able to make the new place all cozy. We will be doing it on a budget, so there will be a lot of second hand, upcycling and craft. I want to reclaim my mosaic stuff from my family home to make coasters and stuff. Maybe some embroidery and stuff. I will definitely photo my efforts for you, my loyal followers. You deserve a pretty reward after listening to me whine about my knee for two months!
PhD application will be sent off tomorrow. Wish me luck! Keep things crossed for me, since I can’t cross my fingers anymore. 🙂

I do origami for fun!

An optimistic post to make up for the grumpiness of yesterday. I can’t really do a lot of sport, but one thing I can do is fold paper!!

I am going to share some photos with you, most of them were made for presents for people, mainly my support worker in labs, Caroline. She was an angel and never made me feel like a “useless cripple” as so many do. Here we go…

All the patterns I used came from It’s a really good site for beginners and the more able paper folder, mainly because they have great videos that help you visualise the paper instructions.

ImageThis is a Kusudama flower, made from 5 pieces of 2″ paper. I made another one for my friend Jim before he left Nottingham. 



That one’s a bit wonky, because I didn’t have a table to lean on!

ImageThis is a Kusudama Cherry Blossom. Made from 5 pieces of 2″ paper.

ImageThis is an easier form of the Kusudama Cherry Blossom. I much prefer the first one though. It’s made of 5 pieces of 2″ paper.



This is an origami lily. It’s made from one sheet of 2″ paper, so is tiny. Forgive the sucky photos!


This is *meant* to be a tulip. It’s on top of a glue stick, so that gives you an idea of the size! It’s made from one 2″ sheet of paper. I think this was the least successful design. It’s meant to have a leaf with it, but by then I’d lost the will to live!

ImageImageThe final flower I attempted was this traditional lotus flower. I prefer the lotus blossom on the site to this one, but this looked easier and more robust. This is made of one 2″ sheet.

Finally, to act as a base for all this, I made a few leaves using the pattern on the site…

ImageI was really surprised at how good they looked, considering the pattern is so completely simple!

Well, that’s all for now! I can make some other things too, but only by following instructions so far. Apart from paper cranes. I can make them blindfold (almost!) I’ve been trying to make 1000 cranes, because it’s supposed to be a good omen apparently. Mainly I enjoy making them. I’m about 300 in I seem to remember. If I get enough views, maybe I’ll upload some photos of them too.