David Wenham appeared out of nowhere!

Due to injuries, not being at home and also a possible house move on the horizon my LotR fangirly mission had fallen by the wayside a bit. I had a big long list of films to watch – and none of them were getting watched because I was struggling to sit at my desk long enough to watch a film. Or at least utterly failing to justify sitting doing “nothing” for that long!

So, the universe sorted it out for me! I was watching Top of the Lake on iPlayer, and about half way through the first episode I thought “That man in the lycra is oddly familiar.” Then I thought… “I’m certain I know him from somewhere!” Then I thought “Bloody hell, he’s only Faramir!!”. 

See? The universe will provide – or it’ll provide handsome talented men to ogle at the very least. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, but it’s really good. Bit creepy, and very good.

Radio recommendations: 

I listened to the Blade of the Poisoner but sadly, as I’m late in recommending it – it’ll probably be missing an episode or two. It’s an adaptation of a book by Douglas Hill, which is a book I’m going to hunt down. (Hopefully for cheap on eBay, with old book page smell… *sigh*) The radio adaptation’s language was simple, but effective. I don’t like it when authors unnecessarily complicate language when simple terms will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love good words – one of my current favourites is Soporific – but I have to admit, I struggle with overly complicated phrasing. I much prefer books where it doesn’t matter if you get over-excited by the plot and miss a word or two. I think that’s why I struggle a little with actually reading Douglas Adams. I had to keep going back and making sense of what I’d read. Radio series suit my low-attention-span much more.

While I’m at it, I’m going to recommend Marcus Brigstocke’s Brig Society, which is wonderful. In the last episode he volunteered as King of Scotland, to ease the tensions between the English and the Scots. 

Finally, I haven’t ever directed people to this before, but if you like satire, they’re a must… The Now Show and The News Quiz alternate series on Fridays on Radio 4, at 6.30pm. Definitely worth a listen! You can even get a podcast to make it nice and easy to listen whenever you want.

I’m also taking up embroidery. I made a bookmark! I now have a crafty plan for my next project, but it’s a surprise.Image

Ok, there we go – those series should keep you happy for a day or so?




Anton Lesser is a bit of a God to me. His voice is so soothing it helped with my insomnia, but he’s also played a lot of awesome things, I seem to remember he was in Fatherland which was great, he’s also Falco in the series about the Roman informer. Looking on wikipedia, it looks like he’s done everything!

Anyway, this is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, which I’ve always meant to read. Apparently it’s the basis for the idea behind the Matrix. I know, I should read the book first, but dissertations have dampened my enthusiasm for the written word a little.

Not listened to this yet, but I’m sure it’ll kick ass.


Recommendations please!!

I’m on my own for a whole week, it’s snowing outside so I can’t really go out much (bendy problems suck!) so I’d like it if you lovely internet people could recommend a film or two to keep me occupied during the week. I’ve currently got on my list:

  • The Crow – I seem to remember watching this when I was a teen, but can’t remember much of it.
  • The Road – Working my way through Viggo Mortensen’s films and this one looks amazing.
  • I Sell the Dead – Seen it already – really funny and yet a bit creepy, definitely worth a re-watch. Dominic Monaghan is great as Arthur and the ending was quite unexpected.

Maybe I should have a fellowship weekend – watching a film by each of the members of the Lord of the Rings fellowship. I’d probably not have that much time spare though? Does give me an excuse to watch Equilibrium though.

I’m also hoping to finish Straken by Terry Brooks this week (Which is so cheap on Amazon, Cheap second hand books will ruin my finances!!). In Brooks’ books there tends to be a point by which you’re surprised nobody’s died… I’ve reached it and have been a bit terrified to read on. Got to though because then I can start on Gormenghast which was my Christmas present. I tried to read it years ago because I loved the BBC adaptation of it (It’s where I developed a slight Rhys-Meyers obsession I think)

And yes, I will do dissertation work – but if I exclusively look at statistics, my brain will melt.

For now though, I am going back to my warm double bed, with a cup of tea and some chocolate to listen to the final instalment of Neverwhere, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Well done BBC!

World Book Day Costumes

World Book Day Costumes

When I was a kid I loved dressing up. Oh, who am I kidding? I love to dress up now! For Hallowe’en I made my boyfriend an intricate over-sized Minecraft Man head. It was awesome because Minecraft Man is called “Minecraft Steve” and my boyfriend’s a Steve, but also because (without any collusion or pre-planning) one of our friends showed up dressed as a creeper! 

I’m not sure there’s anything wrong with dressing up for WBD, so long as it is indeed BOOK related. So many kids don’t read enough. I know, there are words in magazines and computer games, but you can’t feasibly compare a complex narrative (or not so complex) to a few lines giving directions.

The main reason I linked this is because of the ingenious costume ideas at the end. Danny Champion of the World is one of my favourite books. It was loaned to me by my year 6 teacher, and is vividly stuck in my imagination. At the time I didn’t have many friends, and was very lonely so books were a perfect way to escape, but the fact that my teacher, Mrs Armstrong, had gone out of her way to bring in her very own copy of the book and trust me with it made me feel very special. There’s something magical about the slightly worn pages of a well loved book, and to be trusted with a prized possession made a few weeks much better. 

My next costume will probably be a dinosaur, since I was given a dinosaur hat by my awesome big sister (to go with the dinosaur hoodie I already had made by her!) I’m going to be a Jen-asaurus. Or perhaps a Tricera-flops.