Grovelly not posting post and a lot of news!

Grovel grovel grovel…
If you had as much going on as I did in the past few weeks, you’d forget where you’d left your blogging heads too!

  1.  I got a job! – Counting people and room use at my old university. It’s only 4 hours a day, but requires me to walk 11-13km per day.
  2. My knee is, although still sore, getting better. My physio seems pretty good (and is rather easy on the eye!) I’ll admit since starting the counting job, I’ve not been doing as much physio as I should. Must work harder.
  3. One week into having my new job, I got an email offering me the PhD I have been pining after. So on the 2nd of January, I will be re-enrolling at my uni as a PhD student, demonstrating in labs. I’m there for 5 years, but am so excited about the possibility of it all that I can barely contain it. They pay my tuition fees, and pay me for demonstrating. It works out as roughly minimum wage, but the benefits programmes they have are amazing (they even have their own physio, who I may have to sweet talk!). (Clearly this means I’m leaving my current job after less than a month, but they’re quite understanding)
  4. Our flat is now almost finished… So far we have had the following things done/fixed
  • Bath replaced due to crack in wall.
  • Remaining bathroom suite replaced to match.
  • Lino glued down onto kitchen floor.
  • Bath edges sealed with clever plastic screening.
  • Bathroom painting.
  • Shower replaced (and switch relocated to outside).
  • Resulting holes plastering up.
  • Resulting plaster painted over.
  • Window keys replaced.
  • Shelf in kitchen fixed.
  • Boiler pilot light modified to allow easier lighting (finally done today, which is good since it was flipping cold before!!)
  • Carpet dividers re-screwed to the floor.
  • Fridge light replaced.
  • Kitchen blind fixed.
  • Upholstery laundered (courtesy of our landlady!)
  • Carpets professionally cleaned to kill all the little beetles that were living there from the previous tenants (EW!)

I think you’ll agree that our landlord and landlady are firstly possibly the most excellent people in the whole world, but secondly, they are very good at their jobs. All of this has been done by qualified trades or the landlord himself, and done to a really high quality. I’ll upload a photo of the bathroom and stuff now it’s finished once it’s all cleaned and organised after the carpet cleaning escapade. 

I think that’s about it for now, but I’ve got a meeting about the PhD on Monday, so will probably blog even more then and be all excited. We’ve also got a load of draught proofing stuff coming (curtains, thermal liners, foam window seals etc) and I’m thinking of making draught excluders for some of our doors, so that’ll be my first DIY blog!

There’s also a few things still to do:

  • Boiler timer needs fixing (as it’s too expensive to leave running, but too cold to get up in the morning to turn it on!)
  • Curtain poles need fixing to the wall (once they arrive). We’ve only bought one window’s worth, but it’s cost us about £130! We have big windows.

In the meantime, wrap up warm and stay safe!




3 thoughts on “Grovelly not posting post and a lot of news!

  1. The Phoenix says:

    It’s very cool that you call your blog Hypermobile Hobbit! I loved reading the Lord of the Rings – when I first read it when I was 14 I felt like Frodo was the only “person” I’d ever met who struggled with pain and other suffering as much as I did. It was really nice to have a story like that to relate to.

    Has college/getting your PhD gone well for you? I had to come home from college after 3 semesters of undergraduate classes because my muscles were so stiff I could hard eat or breathe. 3 years of physio later, I still can hardly leave the house. Is there some trick to doing college with a hypermobile body?

    • I think I’m lucky in that my hypermobility was caught quite early before I had many major injuries & I have a lot of help in the form of my partner. There is definitely a truck to it, I never went out with friends and was always super careful to avoid injuries. I had very severe anxiety and depression at the time too, so it was tough, but I made it! 😊

      • The Phoenix says:

        yep, it definitely would have helped to have known I was hypermobile going into college – I would’ve picked one with a smaller campus for example! And that would’ve saved my body some wear and tear. And I definitely think staying home except to go to classes is a huge energy saver, though it gets hard to explain to friends sometimes. I probably should’ve stayed home a lot more than I did (I always thought since I wasn’t drinking/ doing drugs, how could there be harm in leaving the dorm to socialize? How could window-shopping possibly be bad for my health?)

        Well, thanks for the advice, and I’m glad to hear that you made it! 🙂

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