Hot water as pain relief.

Since we moved into our new flat, I have been unable to have a bath. I can still have very cramped showers, or wash at the sink, but there’s a crack in the bath, and we would like it if we didn’t flood the shop downstairs.
As such, my usual hot water therapy has stopped. I use it to help my back and shoulders relax, as the pain and lack of strength in my tendons causes my major muscles to tense and basically never relax. The muscles in my shoulders end up so hard from tension, it gets pretty difficult to tell the difference between them and bone.
But today, we are getting a whole bath suite! I love our landlords! I can’t wait to have a bath and make myself relax. I have some cheap, good bath products that help me relax, which I will blog about (probably after the bath).
As a person with erratically sensitive skin, I often develop sudden intolerances to things I have always been fine with before. I tend to be very brand loyal, so long as I don’t develop these reactions.
So, upcoming girly blog! Consider yourselves warned!

5 thoughts on “Hot water as pain relief.

  1. prayingforoneday says:

    I actually do feel warned here 😀
    Hope you have a good bath x

    • The bathroom was finally finished this week! And now with the heating fixed, perhaps I won’t turn into an icicle anymore when showering.
      The girly post will arrive eventually. I just need to organise my brain enough to blog properly!

      • prayingforoneday says:

        You are doing fine…
        And I am glad you can shower then get some heat..
        We had a house like that years ago..OMG it was awful


  2. paleyhughett says:

    Epsom salt works miraculously. I am as you described, my knots feel like bone and out of all my other treatments, including pain killers and other meds, the epsom salt bath every night is a must, or I cannot function.

    • I have to admit, I’ve never actually used epsom salts – I’m not sure why! I’ve heard good things though. I don’t think I could manage a bath every night, often I’m too tired for a bath, so I’ve got to be careful and take it into account with my pacing. Falling asleep in the bath is never a good idea!

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