Getting there!

More packing done, legs feel like they are going to drop off.


I do have a rather nice bruise-blister on my thumb from my crutches.


At least the tramadol is mostly working, even if I do feel like a pill popping granny.


Can’t wait to move, unpack and just finally rest. We still haven’t got a contract or signed anything. I guess we will get there… Eventually!
I have to admit I am excited about being able to make the new place all cozy. We will be doing it on a budget, so there will be a lot of second hand, upcycling and craft. I want to reclaim my mosaic stuff from my family home to make coasters and stuff. Maybe some embroidery and stuff. I will definitely photo my efforts for you, my loyal followers. You deserve a pretty reward after listening to me whine about my knee for two months!
PhD application will be sent off tomorrow. Wish me luck! Keep things crossed for me, since I can’t cross my fingers anymore. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Getting there!

  1. If you’re thinking of crafting, I think the best thing I’ve done is redone my furniture! I just finished my dresser! It was a horrible oak, now it’s sleek black with damask drawers! It was so fun.
    Though, I have to admit, my pain was pretty bad. I did it all in one day :\

    The tramadol working well for you? It made me feel sick when I was taking it. The Hydrocodone work best for me (I break it in half though because no one needs a whole pill of that – that’s a lot).

    Take it easy! Don’t put too much stress on your body!

    • The tramadol is working beautifully, thank you. I’m only taking 50mg two or three times a day. I felt a bit dopey for the first few days, but it has eased off now. The only side effect I had was a dramatically reduced appetite, which is slowly getting back to normal.
      Hydrocodone is very structurally similar to codeine, so I didn’t really want to try it. I had a really bad time on codeine.
      My first crafts to do are decoupage, mosaic and embroidery, I think. But I am always on the look out for good ideas!

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