The verdict…

The problem with this service seems to be actually getting an appointment. Once that was done, the NEMS team were very kind.
I was driven in the ambulance (minibus) to the out of hours doctors. The driver was very friendly, the ride was quick. When I arrived, the driver booked me in. It was a very cold building, and be t time (because it probably will happen again) I shall take a jumper.
I will admit to having a slight anxiety flare at the piles of grey disposable bowls everywhere for patients as it set off my emetophobia a bit, but I sat far from anyone else and buried my nose in news articles.
Anyway, I was seen my the emergency GP within 10 mins. He did active and passive motion tests, tested the swelling in my knee, and he gave me a provisional probable diagnosis of frayed cartilage.
As such, I must not under any circumstances compress the joint. No tubigrip, no lying on it.
The GP has told me to take a full dose of zapain, and go in tomorrow to my normal GP asking for better pain relief, and to think about taking amitriptyline to aid with my fibro symptoms. It could be worthwhile as these injuries keep triggering more fibro pain and exhaustion. I will think about it in the morning.
The emergency GP is going to fax all his notes to my GP and ask them to chase up the MRI for me, because this needs treatment quite soon. Not just because of the pain levels, but also to prevent further damage.
The pain is still there, but the anxiety is reduced a bit. The emergency GP explained things a lot better and discussed medications with me. We discussed gabapentin and decided it wasn’t the way to go.

Here’s hoping I get some proper painkillers tomorrow. Or at least they cut my leg off. Preferrably the first one… You don’t get one legged hobbits.

I am going to have some tea, rest and call the GP in the morning.
Night all!


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