I’m sorry I haven’t posted much of late. I have partially been knocked sideways by pain and medication, but I have mostly been enjoying the new flat and the joys of TiVo.
Being able to pause the tv when it is time for painkillers and stuff makes it less inconvenient to have a chronic condition. Everything is recorded for another time!

Going to try to sleep now even though there is a daddy long legs flitting around the bedroom.
I hope it finds anice corner to hide in, and doesn’t pester me much.

Just about in one piece.

My partner moved a lot of stuff by foot on Friday before signing the housing contract, with some help from our utterly great landlady. Then he had some help from an awesome friend and moved the vast bulk of our stuff on Saturday between 10 and 1pm. He made a few more trips by foot on Saturday too. Meanwhile I did some library volunteering 10-12 to stay out of the way, and then unpacked and provided tea for the afternoon.
Today we left the house at 11, and I cleaned (thoroughly) while my partner ferried the last bits to our new place. He got some funny looks carrying an office chair along the street. I helped him with the last few runs, on crutches with a rucksack and even stuff tied to the outside.
We made it and left our old flat for the last time at 7pm. I think I may have overdone it a bit, because I suddenly feel very cold, but we will get the verdict tomorrow when I try to move!

Striving for stability.

We are moving house on Saturday. Nearly my whole everything is packed in boxes… We don’t have enough boxes. I am hoping that if I go to volunteering in the morning then it will all fall into place.
We have also just been told that there are 2 viewings arranged for the day we move. Just what we need!
My leg is still busted. I can move stuff around the house but the pain flares if I put much weight on my leg.
Tomorrow I am off for my first advisor meeting for jobseekers. It turns out I have been put in for contribution based jobseekers, not income assessed jobseekers, so they can’t pay me. I hope to get this sorted tomorrow.
I have to book a doctor’s appointment for next week as a check up for my leg and my painkillers. My MRI is next week too.
I really hope I get the PhD place, that this flat all comes together and that my leg fixes so I can get into a proper routine again.
I just want a normal week really.

Getting there!

More packing done, legs feel like they are going to drop off.


I do have a rather nice bruise-blister on my thumb from my crutches.


At least the tramadol is mostly working, even if I do feel like a pill popping granny.


Can’t wait to move, unpack and just finally rest. We still haven’t got a contract or signed anything. I guess we will get there… Eventually!
I have to admit I am excited about being able to make the new place all cozy. We will be doing it on a budget, so there will be a lot of second hand, upcycling and craft. I want to reclaim my mosaic stuff from my family home to make coasters and stuff. Maybe some embroidery and stuff. I will definitely photo my efforts for you, my loyal followers. You deserve a pretty reward after listening to me whine about my knee for two months!
PhD application will be sent off tomorrow. Wish me luck! Keep things crossed for me, since I can’t cross my fingers anymore. 🙂

I have an MRI appointment!!!!!

The title kinda gives it away, huh? I’ve got an appointment for an MRI on my knee , 2pm on 19th September. That makes it nearly 2 months since the initial “incident” or “accident” or “trauma” or whatever they want to call it. It crosses my mind that if I didn’t have good friends and an outstanding partner to help me, I’d have run out of food in the first week. I’d really struggle to have done the shopping since it took 6 weeks before I got any real painkillers. 

I hope that nobody gets stuck like that, and that everyone has friends and neighbours that would help them out if they were stuck in that situation.

I’m always up for helping neighbours, even if I barely know them, because I’d like to think they’d do the same for me. My friends say it’s because I come from a village (even if it’s a village inside a big city) and everyone knew each other, so everyone helped. I think it’s because I’m fundamentally nice.

Anyway, now I have an appointment on the horizon (even if it’s only days before the interview!!) and I can more or less walk without crutches if I’m careful for the PhD interview (I hope!). If all else fails, by then I should hopefully know what I’ve done. I’m planning on submitting my PhD application tomorrow. 

The side effects of the tramadol have calmed down a bit, still feel a bit dizzy, and poor temperature control, but it’s ok so long as I don’t have to leave the house!

Pain medication that works!

So, I went back to my GP, and she actually apologised for how messed around I must feel, being bumped from one service to another and struggling to get my pain recognised.

I’ve been given Tramadol to deal with the injury pain, but I’m taking very little of it. The type of injury I have mostly hurts in the evening and at night (gets worse with activity basically), so I’m only taking it with dinner and before bed. Paracetamol will cover me for the rest of the day. 

I’ve also been suffering with fibromyalgia flares because I can’t do the physio I normally do to keep it all under control. Generally, my fibro is quite mild, but it grabs onto any little “over-tense” or sore muscle and will make it into agony. As it is, I can’t do my physio which is causing my shoulders to sublux in my sleep again, and causing a lot of general physical tension from over-work. As such my fibro’s going crazy and everything is exhausted and hurt. To treat this, I’ve been put on low dose amitriptyline which is a low dose tricyclic antidepressant. In low doses it’s been proven to be advantageous for people with neuralgic pain such as fibro’ as well as insomnia.

The two medications together aren’t ideal, but I’m taking them under supervision of my GP, and she says I should be fine. I slept properly for the first time in 6 weeks last night, which is amazing. I woke after 2 hours feeling totally refreshed and wonderful, but with a shoulder that totally wasn’t in it’s socket – so I put it back in and fell asleep again.

My plan is to get up whenever my body wants me to tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll feel a bit less worn out generally. I plan to list a lot of eBay stuff, do some speculative job phonecalls (because the job centre told me to – even though it won’t get me the kind of job I’m after!) and polish off my PhD application.

One of the blogs I read mentioned the use of music for pain management. I’ve put together a playlist on Grooveshark of all the songs I liked when I was a teenager, before my legs fell apart on me, and I’m going to try listening to that and see what happens. I’m mostly a wuss-rock kinda girl.

Hopefully once I get used to the meds, my body will learn how to regulate temperature a bit better and I’ll be less of a sweaty betty and more inclined to blog.


Nothing infuriates me more as a patient than not knowing who is treating me. I wholeheartedly support this, and Kate Grainger is an awesome lady who you should follow.


I was recently a hospital in-patient with post-operative sepsis following a stent exchange procedure. During this admission I made some observations on the quality of my care. Perhaps the starkest of these was that not every member of staff who approached me introduced themselves. We have it drilled into us on day 1 of Clinical Medicine learning that starting the relationship with a patient begins with an introduction. It was easy marks in our exams. I’m sure it is the same for nursing and other healthcare professionals too. But something has failed…

As a healthcare professional you know so much about your patient. You know their name, their personal details, their health conditions, who they live with and much more. What do we as patients know about our healthcare professionals? The answer is often absolutely nothing, sometimes it seems not even their names. The balance of power is very one-sided…

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