David Wenham appeared out of nowhere!

Due to injuries, not being at home and also a possible house move on the horizon my LotR fangirly mission had fallen by the wayside a bit. I had a big long list of films to watch – and none of them were getting watched because I was struggling to sit at my desk long enough to watch a film. Or at least utterly failing to justify sitting doing “nothing” for that long!

So, the universe sorted it out for me! I was watching Top of the Lake on iPlayer, and about half way through the first episode I thought “That man in the lycra is oddly familiar.” Then I thought… “I’m certain I know him from somewhere!” Then I thought “Bloody hell, he’s only Faramir!!”. 

See? The universe will provide – or it’ll provide handsome talented men to ogle at the very least. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, but it’s really good. Bit creepy, and very good.

Radio recommendations: 

I listened to the Blade of the Poisoner but sadly, as I’m late in recommending it – it’ll probably be missing an episode or two. It’s an adaptation of a book by Douglas Hill, which is a book I’m going to hunt down. (Hopefully for cheap on eBay, with old book page smell… *sigh*) The radio adaptation’s language was simple, but effective. I don’t like it when authors unnecessarily complicate language when simple terms will do. Don’t get me wrong, I love good words – one of my current favourites is Soporific – but I have to admit, I struggle with overly complicated phrasing. I much prefer books where it doesn’t matter if you get over-excited by the plot and miss a word or two. I think that’s why I struggle a little with actually reading Douglas Adams. I had to keep going back and making sense of what I’d read. Radio series suit my low-attention-span much more.

While I’m at it, I’m going to recommend Marcus Brigstocke’s Brig Society, which is wonderful. In the last episode he volunteered as King of Scotland, to ease the tensions between the English and the Scots. 

Finally, I haven’t ever directed people to this before, but if you like satire, they’re a must… The Now Show and The News Quiz alternate series on Fridays on Radio 4, at 6.30pm. Definitely worth a listen! You can even get a podcast to make it nice and easy to listen whenever you want.

I’m also taking up embroidery. I made a bookmark! I now have a crafty plan for my next project, but it’s a surprise.Image

Ok, there we go – those series should keep you happy for a day or so?


I ran…

I ran...

I ran away from a thunderstorm a few days ago. I now have a large lump about two inches below my knee. My doctor says she has no idea what it is – maybe a deep bruise – but if it’s still there in 3 weeks, I will need a CT scan.
Oh, also both my legs bloody hurt. This one from the bruise/sprain/god-knows-what… and the other one from damage from limping!
It’s novel actually, because this injury is actually stopping me moving properly, but I am still doing everything I want to. I’ve been doing a LOT, which is refreshing as the gap after the end of a uni year is often sedentary for me.
Shame I’ve not got a job yet, but we’ll get there!!

I have returned!!!!

I am officially back! We had to leave the house due to some very anti-social behaviour from our neighbours (which I won’t go more into, because that’d be stupid).

Instead, we took refuge with my partner’s parents’ for a few weeks. They took good care of us, and we got to play with their two dogs a lot. We even came away with more clothes than we went down with! I suppose the biggest news though is that I have graduated. Properly, gown and everything!!!


Finally, after five years of trying, I now can put BSc after my name!!! I am utterly thrilled. I withdrew from my first university, and re-started at NTU. I then suffered the loss of a family member, chronic depression and of course my diagnosis with HMS &fibro. In my time at uni my partner has also been treated for depression, and had to undergo surgery for a serious inguinal hernia (which has so far taken 16 months to heal properly… and the scar’s still uncomfortable!) 

Despite all that, I have loved these years. They have toughened me up and made me appreciate the important things in life. I didn’t have a massive party after graduation. We walked through the park, eating ice creams and then sat at home with my feet submerged in a bucket of cold water to deal with the bruises and blisters from my pretty graduation-shoes. I also sprained my ankle moments before collecting my certificate, but you wouldn’t have known it! I walked confidently straight across that stage without a hint of a limp. 

Yes, I will eventually “replace” this degree with my planned 2 further degrees. (I might be a bit of a masochist?) but this one will always mean the most. My time at university as an undergraduate has been the most painful, difficult, lonely and taxing times of my life. But it’s also been fun, enlightening and has made me realise that even though I am a cripple that can’t get boxes down from high shelves – there’s hundreds of things I totally kick-ass at. And that’s what I’m going to do!

World, watch out! I’m going to kick your ass!