Pause in Blogging

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I will be unable to substantially blog for a little while (maybe a fortnight?) I will hopefully explain all once I get back, but as it is, it’s not sensible to blab about it on t’internet right now.
Don’t worry though, me and my partner are both fine, and will be back to normal at around about graduation time!

Why am I so grumpy?

I’m sick, I picked up a throat/chest viral thing and it’s made me feel like hell, so I’ve been unable to do pretty much anything including physio. Because of the lack of physio, my everything hurts (mostly shoulders, back, neck – causing migraines). 

While this is happening I’m meant to be applying for jobs – which is more taxing than you’d think. If I go into a job interview, there’s a high risk of people deciding that because I have a joint condition, they don’t want the risk of having me around. (They don’t say this because it’d be discrimination, but I can read it in their faces, and have heard similar stories from other bendy-folk.) 

Being told I can’t do things is something I find very difficult to deal with, because I’ve only just come to terms with the fact my body has a mind of it’s own. Having other people imposing more restrictions makes me feel like a “special case” which I hate.

Sometimes I just wish I could be normal.


I just looked through a few of the statistics on my blog, and I stumbled across the list of search terms that people have clicked through to my blog from. There’s several that worry me.

There’s a lot of people it seems “googling” (Or having a Goog, as my best friend calls it) how to take medication. This is NOT SAFE. People on the internet are not medical professionals, and they do NOT know your medical history. Ask a qualified pharmacist, or your own personal doctor or GP. Especially with prescribed medications!! 

Medications, as wonderful as they may be, can potentially cause horrid side effects, or even kill you if you mess around with them. Take them AS DESCRIBED by your doctor, and ONLY that way. If you want to deviate from that, go make another appointment and ask for advice. DO NOT under any circumstances take medication prescribed for other people, and for the love of all that is holy, READ THE DAMNED LEAFLETS!!!!!! They’re there for a reason. Any time you get a new medication, talk to your doctor thoroughly about how and when you can take it, and if you are concerned, ask about side effects too. When you pick up the medication, read the enclosed leaflets (which should be provided with any meds) about side effects and dosages, and then still follow your doctors advice (unless your dosage and the normal one differ too much I suppose, mistakes to happen). High strength medications can have nasty side effects, especially the pain killers often thrown at those of us with chronic pain. I know that most of you won’t have chemistry degrees, so I’m not expecting reverse-engineered mechanisms of how to make the damned drug!!

Just know: 

  1. What it is for? This should be on the packet or info leaflet.
  2. How does it work? (roughly). You can normally get this from google.
  3. What is the dosage? Your doctor should tell you this.
  4. Is it addictive? (How long is it safe to take it for?) This will usually be on the packet/info leaflet.
  5. What are the side effects? These should also be on the packaging somewhere, along with risk factors.
  6. Is it safe to take with other medication? In the UK, your pharmacist should ask you if you have taken a medication before, and if you are on other medications before giving you the medicine. If you are unsure – bloody well ASK!!!!

Come on guys, it’s your bodies we’re talking about. LEARN ABOUT THE STUFF YOU ARE PUTTING IN IT!!! I’m not talking go all crazy and only have hand-reared organic chickens that were played Enya each night as they fell asleep. I just mean if you are going to take medications, be responsible. THINK before you take things – especially painkillers. Do you really need that codeine, or are you just taking it because you always do? Would paracetamol and a rest help? High-dose codeine based painkillers can actually make pain worse – try taking a break! Talk to your doctor for a medication review.

Above all, do NOT take dosage advice from non-medical professionals, and do not mix medications unless you are told that you can by YOUR medical professional. YOUR body is personal to YOU. Just because Dave in Santa Barbara can take the meds his way does not mean it is safe, or appropriate for you.

Please PLEASE, take medications properly. And PLEASE, I am asking you as a regular medication user, PLEASE ask your doctor if you are unsure about anything. That’s what they are there for. If they refuse to explain, then get a new doctor!!!! Like I always say, doctors provide a service, if they are failing to provide a service you deem to be sufficient – tell them to get stuffed! There’s plenty more out there!!

OK. Rant over, I promise the next blog will be about my pretty hair and shoes.

Hair dye!

I dyed my hair again! I’m not very committed to dying my hair and only do it once every three months or so, but basically since I was about 18, I’ve been going grey. Not like “Oh no! The roots are paler than the rest of my hair!” I mean literally whole hair strands as pure white. When I’m under artificial light they shine silver. It sounds pretty, but it makes me look odd.

I have been dying my hair various shades of purple and red for the last 5 years or so, since being at Uni. Now I’m graduating soon (I got a 2.1 in my crappy dissertation, and I’m waiting on my second thesis mark) I decided that I should look like a grown up, so chose a normal colour. The dye’s called 5.25 Frosty Chestnut, Olia by Garnier.

I’ve used a lot of dyes before, and have a severely damaged scalp (skin sensitivities and anxiety-scratching leads to a lot of cuts and damage) so often it’s quite a painful experience. I know, it always says to not use it on broken skin, but my skin’s always broken. Anyway, the Olia dye is designed to be safe for sensitive skin, and is “oil based for scalp comfort” whatever that means. It actually isn’t painful at all. I’ve used one of the red shades in the past, but it washes out quite quickly.

I might upload a nice photo of the colour from the little holiday I’m having for the wedding. Oh, and the leg’s tenuously fixed. I can walk like a normal human, just hope it lasts til Tuesday!